The timetable

The project consists of:

– A kick-off meeting in Ludwigsburg from January 27th – 29th 2014 (make a note of the date!) -

27th January: Arrival by 18.00

28th January: Workshops and evening meal together

29th January: Wrap-up discussion over breakfast, followed by departure according to individual travel arrangements, or optional participation in supporting programme.

You will meet the organisers, moderators and, of course, the other participants. We will give you information on the procedures and work in the project and virtual workshops.

– Participation in a virtual workshop –

between February and May 2014, accompanied by a moderator, with input from experts on the subject.

–A wrap-up meeting in May 2014–

in a European institution in Strasbourg or Brussels, where the results of your work will be presented. For this event, each workshop will choose delegates to present the results.